Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre Offers Mindfulness Program

This article provides information on one of the primary care positions at the community health centre, the Nurse Practitioner, and on an innovative community program being offered by Nurse Practitioner Heidi Krebsz.


Community Health Centres are non-profit, community-governed organizations that provide primary health care, health promotion and community development services using multi-disciplinary teams of health care providers who are paid by salary rather than through a fee-for-service system.


Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre (RVCHC) has been providing care to clients since 2004. While originally established to serve the local population of Killaloe and surrounding area, it has grown from one physician, nurse and social worker, to a robust healthcare team with close to 700 rostered clients from multiple municipalities.


At RVCHC, our team is comprised of Physicians, Nurses, Social Worker, Respiratory Therapist, Administration, Clerical support and Nurse Practitioners.


A Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has completed additional specialized training in primary health care. Nurse practitioners work independently and do not require supervision from a physician. However, the team approach of CHCs allows for easy consultation between practitioners when issues arise that are outside of scope of practice or area of expertise.  Nurse Practitioners care for patients with many chronic medical conditions as well as providing preventative, maternal-child health care and treatment of acute, episodic illness.  NPs can prescribe medications, order lab and other diagnostic testing (with some limitations).  Our Nurse Practitioners have their own client practices and provide education and health promotion community services.


A new service RVCHC will be offering beginning in September is the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program.  During this 8 week program (facilitated by Nurse Practitioner Heidi Krebsz) participants will learn many different mindfulness based practices that can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve focus and concentration, and help you feel more at ease and content, and approach life’s challenges from a different perspective.  This program may be beneficial for those experiencing stress related to work, family, chronic health conditions, chronic pain, mental health issues etc. and can assist with the development of positive coping strategies.


The program is open to everyone. A 1 hr information session is required before registering for the program. If you are interested in finding out more about these sessions, or any of our programs or services, contact us at 613-757-0004.


Imagine Feeling Great Senior Fitness Program

During the recent Barry’s Bay and Area Seniors Home Support (BBASHS) Volunteer Luncheon, Rainbow Valley CHC was recognized and thanked for being an integrated partner in the Imagine Feeling Great Senior Fitness Program. 

“The partnership with BBASHS has been tremendously beneficial for seniors in our area” says Joanne Pecarskie, Manager of Health Services for RVCHC.

The program, which runs twice a week in both Killaloe and Barry’s Bay, is allowing seniors in our area to stay fit and remain in their homes longer.

“RVCHC would not have the resources to offer this program on our own so we are incredibly lucky BBASHS administers and operates it so well, allowing us to partner with them in any way we can” says Pecarskie.

If you are interested in participating in the senior fitness program, or thinking of training to become a certified instructor, please contact Kathy Bloomquist at 613-757-2827



New Integration Initiative News Release

“On behalf of the board of directors of St. Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH), Chair Jasna Boyd is pleased to announce a successful new integration initiative supporting the delivery of community health care services. On November 1, Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre Point of Access (Rainbow Valley) located in Killaloe became fully integrated with SFMH. The integration between Rainbow Valley and SFMH is the first full integration of a Community Health Centre (CHC) with a hospital in the province. This integration will provide sustainability for Rainbow Valley improving care and services for members of local communities.”

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Community Health Week Media Release

“Ontario faces major challenges ensuring the best possible health and well-being for everyone in this province. To meet these challenges, it is essential that we focus on preventing people from getting sick in the first place. This means more services that prevent chronic diseases, more services that support seniors to age at home, more community-wide initiatives that get at the root causes of illness –causes like poverty, lack of education and social isolation. The interprofessional team at Rainbow Valley CHC in Killaloe works with the community to address those issues.”

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Merger Between Health Providers Is Good News For Everyone

RV_AGM_EL“The soon-to be-completed merger between the Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre (RVCHC) and St. Francis Memorial Hospital is being touted as a very positive move for the provision of healthcare services in the greater Killaloe community.”
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Rainbow Valley Communique October 2012

“In November 2011, Rainbow Valley CHC voluntarily integrated with St. Francis Memorial Hospital. Since that integration, Rainbow Valley has achieved several successes including:
– Recruitment of three physicians—Dr. Pil Joo, Dr. Robyn Mossman and Dr. Patrick MacGillivray
– Recruitment of a Nurse Practitioner—Derek Frew
– Renovation to clinic space to enhance the capacity to provide primary health care to a greater number of community residents”

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Rainbow Valley Annual Meeting Hears Clinic Successes, Reviews Local Health Needs

RV AGM 2012 001“The annual general meeting of the Rainbow Valley community corporation, a support and advisory group to the Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre in Killaloe, heard last week about the re-building efforts at the clinic.” Learn more …